Use the links below to view a demo version of the gamebook. You will be asked for a name, please enter any name, as it allows you to save your progress. Use the Save icon in the top right corner to save and exit.

Gamebook for Desktop computers

Gamebook for Android

Gamebook for Apple

This is a work in progress and so any feedback would be much appreciated. You can send us feedback here.

If you are a teacher and would like to use the full version, please get in touch here.

About the gamebook

There are a lot of existing resources for teaching children about climate change, many of which are effective at teaching children what climate change is and why it is happening. However, such resources are usually not effective at promoting behavioural change. That is, encouraging individuals to engage in pro-environmental behaviours (e.g., recycling, turning off lights, etc.).

The aim of this project to create an educational gamebook that encourages children (7- to 11-years-old) to reflect on their actions and, ultimately, to undertake more pro-environmental behaviours. Gamebooks use non-linear narratives where the protagonist faces several choices. Readers determine the outcome of these choices and, therefore, shape the direction of the story. Gamebooks are often called ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ books.

In the gamebooks being created, the reader will face numerous decisions that have anti- and pro-environmental outcomes. The ending of the gamebook will be affected by the choices that readers make, if they make choices that are negative for the environment then the effects of climate change will be more severe, whereas making more pro-environmental choices will be equated with a positive ending. It is through this mechanism that readers will see the impact that their actions can have.

The gamebook narrative was written using Ink, a free narrative scripting language for choice-based stories.

The interface was developed using the Unity game engine.

Artwork was created by Peachy (@peachyyypie).